“Craft cocktails in differentiation to the average cocktail, takes an all encompassing view on the drinking experience” –Unknown



Liquid Blue Craft Cocktail experience emphasizes the art and the craftsmanship of true mixology.

The exploratory nature of you master mixologists pair unconventional flavours creating delicate complexity and balance in our one of a kind craft cocktails achieving a multi sensory drinking experience that will resonate till you return.

Liquid Blue Craft Cocktail Bar utilizes only premium, fresh ingredients with a strong policy on infusing and aging products in house, creating our own homemade quality ingredients.

Acknowledging the pioneers and forgotten techniques gave birth to South Africa’s first commercially available barrel ages cocktail. Our signature and centerpiece will soon be imitate but never duplicate as a selected few is peeve to the liquid Blue original recipe. This intricate cocktail boasts a bouquet, body and notes only found in premium wine and whiskey. Soon to be imitated but never duplicated.

Innovation and setting the standard is the Liquid Blue Craft Cocktail way. The swaggertini a premium blend of high end spirit and mixers paints the picture of modern day success, with the added privilege of your name being immortalized on our swag wall for all to see.

We have been around a shaker or two and our mixologist’s are committed to muddling there knowledge with charm, infusing their unique style and shaking your taste buds. This will leave you garnished with an unforgettable experience and the knowledge about where to go if you want to make an impression: Liquid Blue Craft Cocktail Lounge

By liquidblue70